Coffee 101 - Everything you need to know about Coffee

Coffee 101

So you have some questions about coffee? Are you looking to make your favourite drink the perfect way and seem to be getting things wrong? 

Everything you need to know about coffee can be found on this website. From espressos to cold coffee, to roasting, to origins of coffee beans. How to make a flat white? What should the temperature of my cappuccino milk be? Why does my espresso taste burnt? These are only a glimpse of the questions that will be answered. Coffee 101 is a website that does not promote certain types of coffee, it simply puts to bed the myths and stories we hear about coffee. Where did coffee come from? How did such a humble drink become a part of our everyday lives?

The posts are an informative way of learning more about coffee. There will be tutorial videos with tips and tricks of the trade so that after a little practice, you can make your very own restaurant standard coffee beverages at home.

This site is for passionate coffee lovers and the occasional tea drinker that wants to re-evaluate his life. Look forward to an eye-opening experience over here, as my morning cuppa joe.

Take a look at some of our latest posts


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