What is Alta Rica Coffee?

There is just something about the ease of instant coffee in the morning. Perhaps you are an instant coffee drinker and you find yourself going through several brands to find the right blend. It comes in a Nescafe bottle with a purple label and a name that can confuse people. What is ALTA RICA Coffee?

Alta Rica is a blend of instant coffee. It is roasted by Nescafe that is a made with Latin America, Arabica dark roast coffee beans. This coffee is full in flavour and is rich in taste. Because it is a dark roast, there are hints of chocolate in the blend of instant coffee.

This type of coffee is enjoyed by a lot of people today because it is not bitter. A lot of black coffee drinkers enjoy this coffee. Milk tends to standardise the coffee taste we find in our morning beverages. To enjoy a coffee blend – it’s always best to have the drink black. This will allow the consumer to experience the full taste of coffee.

Nescafe Alta Rica – A Dark Roast Coffee

What is Instant Coffee – Alta Rica Coffee

The history of instant coffee is interesting. This product was developed for soldiers in World War Two. It was believed to increase physical performance and make an individual more aggressive. These would be perfect qualities for a soldier; thus, it became part of the everyday soldier’s ration. It spread from there to all of us across the world.

To blow any myths out the water, First things first. Instant coffee is made from real coffee beans. As the process goes: Whole coffee beans are roasted, ground, and brewed. How instant coffee takes place is that all the water is removed from the brew. This leaves behind dehydrated crystals of coffee. It is as simple as that! To make coffee again, just add water – hot or cold.

There are two ways to make instant coffee. Spray drying and freeze-drying.

Instant Coffee granules are made from normal Coffee beans.

Spray-dried Coffee

Spray Drying coffee is a method used in making instant coffee. It is achieved by spraying liquid (already brewed) coffee concentrate, as a fine mist. This mist is sprayed into very hot, dry air (about 250 degrees centigrade). When the coffee hits the ground, all the water would have evaporated from the brew leaving small concentrated coffee crystals behind.

Freeze-dried Coffee – Alta Rica Coffee

This method involves a few more steps and is a little more complex. The first step is to extract the coffee into a liquid form. The extract is chilled at -6 degrees centigrade and resembles a slushie mix.

After that, the iced, almost frozen coffee, is further chilled on a belt, drum, or tray at -40 degrees centigrade. This forms Slabs of coffee ice. The coffee ice is thereafter broken into granules. After its broken, the coffee is sent to a drying vacuum where the ice vaporizes and leaves behind instant coffee granules.

Alta Rica coffee is developed with the same freeze-dried method. The flavouring of coffee beans was selected before the freezing process.

There is a wide range of coffee bean roast, recipes today. For us who are on the go, Instant coffee can be the perfect method to quickly help get our coffee fix. Instant coffee was developed for people in the army and it became a necessary army ration as coffee was thought to increase alertness, determination, and physical ability back in world war 2.

It has a place in the market as it is widely consumed today. Alta Rica Coffee is developed by Nescafe and is the preferred choice of coffee for many today. It is developed from Arabic coffee beans that come from Latin America – Central and South America.

Be sure to make this coffee part of your everyday morning routine if you enjoy a bold, rich and full tasting cup of coffee.

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