What is Coffee On Tap?

Yet another Coffee craze is taking over the market. It looks like a Guinness beer but is consumed in the morning. Restaurants are now serving coffee on tap. Have you noticed the new trend in the coffee market? What is Coffee on Tap?

Coffee on tap is a cold coffee beverage charged with Nitrogen to give it a rich, creamy texture. It resembles a nitro draft beer like the Guinness. Coffee on tap is served as 500ml servings much like beer. Due to its size, Cold Brew Coffee is roughly 200ml more than a standard coffee serving. Cold brew coffee contains substantially more caffeine.  

Many beers are infused with carbon dioxide. Darker stouts are usually infused with nitrogen. This gives the beer a smooth feel and velvety texture. This technology from beer has been applied to the coffee industry and thus we have today: Coffee on Tap.

Coffee On Tap – Cold Brew Coffee – Craft Coffee

Coffee on tap is said to have originated from Austin, Texas in 2013 at a craft coffee house. The process has branched out into the canning of craft coffee with infused nitrogen to create the same effect, in a can. Thereafter, this process spread throughout the world and now we have Craft coffee (or cold brew coffee) in many restaurants today.

Advantages of Coffee On Tap

There are several advantages to Coffee on Tap namely…

  • Freshness.
  • Efficiency.
  • Nitrogen infused.
  • The wow factor.
  • This process does not require a Barista.

Freshness – Due to the fact that a draft system is implemented, the coffee has less contact with air. This reduces the oxygenation process that degrades the freshness of the coffee. This means that the coffee gets to keep its flavour for longer.

Efficiency Serving coffee in this manner allows you to serve large batches at once.  This eliminates the procedure of extracting the coffee, frothing the milk, and making any mistakes in preparing the coffee. With a simple pull of a handle, you can serve delicious mouth-watering coffee to customers in a matter of seconds.

Nitrogen Infused – This makes your cold brew coffee unique as its infused with nitrogen. Cold coffees today are prepared using different methods. When nitrogen is pushed into the coffee, it creates a rich, velvety texture that other methods cannot replicate. It also develops a creamy ‘head’ that resembles the Guinness beer – a unique option for coffee drinkers. See the image below.

A Sample Serving Of Coffee On Tap

Wow, Factor Due to its ease in serving, freshness, uniqueness, efficiency, and texture. This coffee beverage has a wow factor to it that is new to the market.

No Barista Needed – Generally, a barista is needed to make coffee beverages. With nitrogen coffee, the barista is eliminated as the coffee is brewed/extracted back at the brewery. This means all that is left to be done is serve it, with ice or without ice depending on preference & temperature.

Coffee on Tap and your Health

Cold brew coffee, as with most coffee beverages, contains Caffeine. Caffeine can result in several health benefits namely…

  • Increased metabolism levels.
  • Enhanced athletic performance
  • Reduced risk of type 2 Diabetes.
  • Mental Health
  • Heart Health
  • Liver Health and many more
  • Increased attention and alertness.

A single serving of Coffee on Tap (500 ml) contains 280 mg of caffeine. This beverage is also served at a lower temperature making it less acidic. Lower acidic levels in the coffee beverage can aid in lower acid levels in the stomach. This can be the perfect solution to sensitive coffee drinkers.

Nitrogen Infusion

Infusing nitrogen with coffee slows the degradation of the coffee compounds. This makes the coffee stay fresher for longer. The nitrogen creates a swirly, creamy pint of coffee that will attract coffee drinkers.

Nitrogen creates a unique effect on coffee. Other coffee beverages cannot replicate the same factors that nitrogen creates with coffee. Nitrogen coffee can be batch brewed and that over 500 litres of coffee can be made at once. This increases efficiency.

What is Coffee On Tap?

The brewer can create the perfect brew of coffee this includes…

  • Selecting the right coffee beans (Arabica or Robusta)
  • Determining how fine the beans are ground.
  • How long the coffee is brewed for.
  • The purity of the water
  • Brewing process used
  • And the temperature of the batch.

Due to the fact it is remotely brewed, the coffee will taste the same from the first cup to the last. This creates a standardisation that does not rely on a skilled barista – Unique to any other coffee beverage.

Conclusion – What is Coffee on Tap?

Cold Brew Coffee is a cold coffee beverage charged with Nitrogen to give it a rich, creamy texture. It resembles a nitro draft beer like the Guinness. This is a new option for the coffee market and could revolutionise cold coffee as we know it.

There are several advantages of cold brew coffee. It is unique and does add a wow factor that other coffee beverages cannot compete with. Due to the nitrogen added, this preserves the coffee for longer. Cold-brew coffee can be prepared at a brewery and eliminate the need for a barista.

It is efficient, cost-effective and unique. Be sure to give this beverage a try when you see it next. It could be a refreshing alternative to the standard coffee you have every day.

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