What is the best coffee for an Aeropress?

An AeroPress is a modern-day on the go coffee device that is becoming more prevalent in today’s world. Some are only starting to notice the AeroPress in their day to day lives. This device is simple, easy to use, and makes really good coffee. So, what is the best coffee to use for an AeroPress?

The best coffee to use for an AeroPress would be medium or dark roasted coffee with a grind size that is finer than sea salt. The coffee you most enjoy would be fine to use, however, the only catch would be the grind size for the AeroPress. The finer the grind of coffee for the AeroPress, the more rich the flavour will be. (see the image below)

Finely Ground Coffee is best for the AeroPress

Fine coffee too can pose a problem if ground too fine, in that it’s impossible to push the brew of coffee through. If your coffee is ground coarsely there is an ‘inverted method’ of using the AeroPress. This involves turning the press upside down, mimicking a French press.

This modern-day method of brewing coffee is also trending on social media platforms. Yet another method of coffee brewing to get your daily fix. Yes, it’s true, ‘not all who wander are lost – some are just looking for coffee’.  

What is an AeroPress?

An AeroPress uses ground coffee. Instant coffee does not work with The Aeropress.

An AeroPress is a device for brewing coffee. This specific device was invented in 2005 by Alan Adler. The AeroPress involves coffee that is steeped for 10 – 60 seconds (this would depend on the type of coffee used as well as the grind) and then forced through a filter by pressing the plunger through the tube – See the image below.

An AeroPress

The AeroPress uses two types of filters, paper or metal disk, depending on your model. The paper filters have to be changed after every coffee extraction. The thin metal disked shaped filters can be reused but need to be rinsed and washed after every coffee extraction.

The inventor of the AeroPress describes the result, as an espresso strength concentration of coffee. The coffee does look like espresso, however after closer examination resembles a stronger filter coffee. Espresso still requires machinery for its unique extraction with crema and flavour.

The Aeropress consists of two large cylinders. The one-cylinder has a flexible rubber airtight seal that fits inside the larger cylinder. This unique coffee device resembles a syringe. The cylinders are moulded of polypropylene (hardened plastic). The device needs to be opaque (see-through) so that the user/barista can monitor the coffee that is being brewed inside the cylinders.

Due to the pressure exerted by the user/barista – glass wouldn’t be a feasible option. This coffee brewing device is still making its way into home convenience stores. The brewing method and result is similar to strong filter coffee. Users are still discovering the need for the device. Coffee fanatics love it due to the different extraction methods. There is another method of brewing when using the AeroPress.

What is the Inverted method for using an AeroPress?

Baristas and coffee fanatics have developed another method of brewing coffee using the AeroPress. This is called the inverted brewing technique.

Using the inverted brewing technique, the plunger is placed into the column from the beginning. The plunger is then pressed down so that it’s close to the ‘top’ of the column. The AeroPress is then placed upside down resting on the top of the plunger – See image.

AeroPress Inverted Method

After the plunger is placed upside down, coffee is added followed by hot water. This mixture is then stirred and left for 10-60 seconds to brew. While the coffee is brewing, the filter is then placed into the press followed by the Aeropress cap. When brewing is complete – the AeroPress has then turned back right-side-up and plunged normally. Some baristas also press the plunger at an angle or horizontally so as not to spill the coffee.

This method of using AeroPress assists the user when they have coarser grounder coffee. This allows the brew to brew properly and not let water escape when the extraction is taking place.  This method of brewing coffee is similar to the French press.

Barista Tip – Place a cup or container on top of the Aeropress so as not to spill any coffee when flipping the device right-side-up.

Comparing The AeroPress to Other Brewing Methods

When comparing the AeroPress to other methods of brewing, the AeroPress is unique. Consider the following advantages of the Aeropress…

  • The AeroPress uses finely ground coffee.
  • It has a short brewing time of around 30 seconds.
  • Like the espresso, it uses air pressure to extract the coffee.
  • Paper or metal disk coffee filters.
  • Handheld and easy to use on the go.
  • Cost-effective – for good coffee extraction.

The AeroPress is unique when it comes to coffee extraction. French press coffee can take up to 5 minutes when brewing coffee. An espresso extraction requires a coffee machine with a very high water temperature and a lot of pressure.

To lower the environmental footprint, the modern-day Aeropress uses reusable metal mesh filters. Although coffee fanatics prefer using paper filters, the metal mesh filter does give a good coffee extraction.

Choosing The Right Coffee for the AeroPress

This is a rather controversial topic. Selecting the best coffee comes down to a person’s personal preference and choice. The AeroPress is a specific method of brewing. There are recommendations for selecting certain roasts of coffee as the AeroPress does bring out more flavour during extraction.

Medium and Dark Roasts are recommended when selecting coffee for the AeroPress. This is only due to the unique brewing method of the AeroPress. If you prefer a light roast of coffee, be sure to try it. There is no wrong answer when selecting different coffees to brew. Should you find a blend you like, leave us your thoughts in the comments below.

The only catch when selecting the beans would be to ensure the coffee is finely ground. The AeroPress requires finer ground coffee than that of the French press or Mocha pot. Ensure your favourite blend of coffee is finely ground when using an AeroPress. The grind of coffee should be finer than sea salt. Refer to the image below.

Different Grinds of Ground Coffee

3 Health Benefits of Coffee with the AeroPress

Please be forewarned that the consumption of too much caffeine carries certain health risks. However, as the saying goes- “all things in moderation” – the beverage has several health benefits as well.

Liver Health – Several studies have pointed out that the regular consumption of coffee can reduce the risk of cirrhosis, a disease that affects the liver due to heavy consumption of alcohol.

Heart Health – There have been a series of studies conducted on caffeine intake and research goes to show that the right amount of caffeine helps improve body functionality. It also acts as a preventative measure against things such as heart disease. People who drink coffee often are 19% less likely to die from cardiovascular disease.

Brain Health – Drinking this beverage also plays a role in reducing the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Several studies on mental health and caffeine consumption conclude that moderate to regular coffee consumption reduces the risk of cognitive decline.

Coffee adds several other health benefits namely…

  1. Prevent heart ailments
  2. Lowers stroke
  3. Prevent type 2 diabetes
  4. Prevents Alzheimer’s
  5. Reduce gallstones
  6. Assist digestion
  7. Lowers cancer
  8. Burn fat
  9. Teeth health
  10. Prevent headache

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